Achilleus the Golden

Vindolanda's Holy Protector


Achilleus is the living, breathing embodiment of Roman military values: self-disciplined, strong and ruthless when necessary. Always clean shaven, he is immaculately presented with a gleaming Roman breastplate emblazoned with a laurel wreath. His muscular arms exhibit tattoos of the cross, one on each bicep whilst often seen wearing a thick bear hide with a a collar of gold through which the hair is attached in plaits.

Achilleus tends to carry his helm as though still an auxiliary troop, although topped by a magnificent plume of red peacock feathers. His golden gauntlets and matching greaves are both highly iconic with imagery of Samson pushing pillars to either side. Strapped to his waist is a short gladius, encased in a mithril scabbard. In his right hand, a spear larger than the 5ft of Achilleus himself. The spear is made from a burnt, blackened wood and fitted with a mithril tip decorate with tiny, spidery runes of golden hue.

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Achilleus the Golden

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