Powerful agent of the Witches in York


Bloodmask is an athletic dark elf standing six feet in height. He wears a long black hooded cloak over blackened body armour, tightly wrapped leggings and black leather boots. Black adamantine gauntlets encase his hands, and his features are obscured behind a dark red facemask and the fitted hood of his cloak.

In combat Bloodmask eschews weapons, relying on his gauntlets and inhuman strength and speed to bludgeon his enemies into submission.


Bloodmask is an agent of the Witches, and appears loyal to Morgan le Fay in particular. He led an undead attack on York Minster and tried to steal a gilded crucifix from the sacristy. Tector tackled him and was able to prevent the theft and, together with his friends Sophia and Storm, repelled the attack.

Having destroyed Deathwhisperer, the friends discovered from his papers that Bloodmask was a servant of Morgan and that he and the Necromancer were working together. They also discovered that the attack on the Minster was motivated by a desire to steal an ancient key hidden within the jeweled crucifix, as part of a plot to awaken Septimus Severus, bind his power to Morgan, and unleash him on the people of England.


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