Dark elf assassin


Brandubh (pronounced Brawn-doov) is a relatively short and stocky dark elf with a powerful, athletic build. He moves with grace and precision, and his strength and flexibility enable him to perform acrobatic feats.

Black boots of the softest doeskin allow Brandubh to move almost silently, and his armour is made of hardened black leather, including bracers inscribed with runic glyphs. Over this he wears a hooded black cloak that seems to absorb light. His features are largely hidden by his black cloth facemask, but his dark eyes peer out from beneath his hood like chips of obsidian.

He wields a long, wickedly sharp dagger with a blade of blue-hued steel and a large sapphire at the junction of hilt, cross-guard and blade.


Brandubh means ‘raven-black’ in gaelic, and this sithe assassin is the very embodiment of his name. Practically invisible in dim light, he operates from the shadows with deadly precision. Patience personified, he lies in wait for his enemies, sometimes for days, and picks his moment to strike from ambush. If the balance of battle shifts, and he finds himself outnumbered, or on the back foot against a powerful enemy, he looks for a way to extricate himself, often using his shadow step power to put distance between himself and his foes before taking to the shadows.


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