Calais 'Scian'

Enigmatic Scian Wanderer


Calais is quite possibly the last of the ancient ‘scian’ to be found in the British Isles and Northern Europe. As though emerging from the tablets of antiquity, this graceful, sinewy figure is a remarkable individual to behold. Calais wears a rustic, faded brown and emerald travelling cloak. She walks with effortless grace; silent: her bare feet seemingly at one with the ground that she traverses. The billowing brown hood and cloak is at odds with her delicate physique as though deliberately disguising her own heritage. Most extraordinary of all is the face… angular and elfin but with a mass of unwashed, frizzy hair, shaped roughly around a remarkable single eye, which shimmers and changes colour in a dazzling display of chromatic pastiche. Calais appears to carry no visible weapon (although in truth her throwing daggers are never far from her hands) and speaks in a slow, almost otherworldly voice, as though keeping to rhythms better suited to another time and place.

Image credit: Yena Ahn



Calais 'Scian'

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