Venetian 'shadow' Assassin


In Venice, the underbelly of society is frequented by an elite group of shadowy, enigmatic figures identifiable only through the white ‘masks’ and black body suits worn. To the populace, these assassins evoke both fear and reverence as they represent the political muscle through which the rich and powerful act.

Within this secret service in which recruits take Roman names, Caledus is the most infamous. It is whispered in the taverns and emerging trading guilds, that he carries an iridescent cube of folded, coalesced shadow itself. The whisperers say that it steals the soul of those unfortunate to fall into the darkness, trapped forever in a void of impenetrable gloom. Others speak of the metallic talons worn on both hands, capable of discharging both electrical shocks and also deadly poisons or the mask worn to conceal hideous scars.



Albion Andrew_Brereton iwilliamson