Dark elf ranger


Celach is an older sithe, with long white hair and gaunt, pale features. He wears a shadowy black greatcloak that conceals him if required, blackened steel armour, and an ornate black girdle bearing a silver panther embossed in profile across it.

In his right hand he wields a slender mithril rapier with an elaborate golden hand-guard, while in his left a matching stiletto dagger is equally effective in either attack or defence. At his belt hang two strange mummer’s masks and several strips of beautiful red silk woven with cloth of gold.


An old dark elf bounty-hunter who has seen it all, Celach is bitter, cynical, and fatalistic. He has fought so many battles, and killed so many foes, that death no longer has meaning. He gives no quarter, and expects none in return, though he does not hesitate to withdraw if hard-pressed. Equally at home tracking his quarry through the wilderness or hunting a target in a large city, Celach is a skilled and patient adversary.


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