Prince of Connacht



Connal is an athletically built male elf with handsome, noble features and pale, almost grey skin. He wears ornate plate mail armour, with an ornate shield of similar design strapped to his left arm.

He carries a spear in his right hand; it has a silver point that crackles with lightning. A longsword with a fine pommel and crossguards hangs at his belt. When unsheathed, the blade is mirror-bright mithril of exceptional sharpness that makes a ‘whooshing’ sound as it cleaves the air.

Connal moves with extraordinary poise and grace, and speaks with the confidence of royalty.


Connal returned from death as a result of the actions of a group of young heroes from the elder races, as recounted in The Prince of Connacht – Prologue and the journals of the heroes themselves.

Morrigan subsequently promised to prevail upon Morgana to return his beloved, Nivaugh, from the dead. In return, he swore an oath to serve Morrigan and defeat her foes in Iona. However, he was captured by the Fellowship of Fate and turned back to the light by Myrddin, as recounted in the events of Iona, Part Two – Saints and Sinners and Iona, Part Three – Fellowship Reformed.

The tragic circumstances of his fall and rise emerge in his battle cries and other exchanges.

“Love will conquer all”

“For the grace of my beloved, I will prevail”

“I returned from the dead for love; and for love I shall cut you down if you stand against me!”


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