Cullen McKenzie

The Wolf of Galloway


Cullen is a solemn, serious looking man with jet, black hair and dark brooding eyes to match. He wears thick, shaggy black robes as though made from wolfskin. Cullen towers over most men, standing a good 5 inches taller than 6ft. He carries a staff of blackened wood, though highly polished as though in a dark red liquid; it is stained as though dipped in blood! The gnarled staff is carved at the hilt in the likeness of a gaping wolf’s jaw. He carries no other obvious weapon, although on his left hand he wears a blackened, unadorned ring. His brow seems set in a permanent furrow as he stares out from behind thick, black eyebrows.


Cullen was sent south to York by King William as an ambassador of the Scottish monarch to seek support in quelling an uprising led by The Earl of Carrick in Galloway. As a mute whose tongue was cut out in his youth, Cullen developed strange shapeshifting powers in the manner of the druids once native to Galloway before the Witches performed their notorious ‘clearances.’ Cullen was a loyal companion of Manzio and Uther in their trip North but fell into darkness whilst defending Manzio from Araken warriors in the ancient catacombs just south of ‘Old Ben.’

Cullen McKenzie

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