Wight Necromancer


Deathwhisperer is a man of average build and height. Now a wight, he has pale bluish-white skin, with the bones showing through in places, and his eyes glow with an unnatural fire. His long hair flies wildly about his head, and his fingers end in long talons wreathed in sickening negative energy.


A faithful servant of Morgana, and one of her best human pupils, Deathwhisperer was sent to York to investigate a lingering vestige of great undead power that his mistress sensed in the vicinity. Upon arrival, he made contact with another servant of Morgana already present in the city, the dark elf known as Bloodmask.

Together, they determined that the power sensed by their mistress emanated from the ancient catacombs beneath the city. Deathwhisperer set about creating an army of undead, including skeletons, zombies and ghouls, to investigate the catacombs. In time they located an elaborate door with five strangely shaped locks. With the aid of their mistress, they began to sense that the source of the emanations was ancient and powerful indeed, the suspended consciousness of the Roman Emperor Septimus Severus. They hatched a plan to locate the keys to the door, wake the Emperor from his slumber, and twist his power to their own ends.

Over time, Deathwhisperer’s forces took control of a large portion of the catacombs south of the river. He located the first of the keys, made of copper and with a head shaped like a lighting bolt. He also began to hone his necromantic skills, conducting research and experimenting with the creation of different kinds of undead.

Through research and divination, Morgana determined that one of the keys was in the possession of York Minster, hidden in a gilded cross. Deathwhisperer and Bloodmask kidnapped Bran, the Minster carpenter, and tortured him to gain information on the layout of the Minster. Bran’s disappearance led to an investigation by Sophia, Storm and Tector, and ultimately to a battle in the graveyard of All Hallows’ church in which Deathwhisperer was killed.

However, Morgana activated an artifact she had given to the necromancer, and this triggered the spark of undeath within him, allowing him to rise as a wight with even greater powers than before.

Renewing contact with Bloodmask, Deathwhisperer planned and launched a daring raid to steal the cross from the Minster, but was again thwarted by Sophia, Storm and Tector.

Having retreated to his lair in the Catacombs to rebuild his forces, Deathwhisperer was finally tracked down by the three companions as they sought to end his undead scourge, and in an epic confrontation they overcame his skeletal knight sentries and swordwraith guardian before destroying the necromancer utterly.


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