Decius Augustus Pius

Danagrim centurion of the Pons Aelius cohort


Decius Augustus Pius is a short and stocky danagrim with piercing blue eyes and a fair beard. He wears magnificent armour, of a quality that can only be marveled at by the craftsmen of today, burnished steel with blue and green enamel and golden details. In battle he carries equally fine weapons, a razor-sharp double-headed greataxe which has cleaved many a foe, and a smaller handaxe for throwing which miraculously returns to his hand after use.

Decius is articulate and well-mannered, yet firm and commanding. He speaks in a strong, neutral voice with an accent that is difficult to discern. Like the other danagrim of the Wall legions, he is a faithful Christian, but he is less evangelical than most of his kin, preferring to serve God through deeds rather than words.


Decius leads the Pons Aelius cohort of the eastern garrison of Hadrian’s Wall, based at the danagrim fort of Corstopitum near the English town of Corbridge. So named because it was once on permanent station at the eastern end of the Wall, the situation changed following the Norman conquest and the Harrying of the North. Disgusted at the massacres inflicted by the Norman nobles, but unwilling to become involved in a human civil war, they reluctantly withdrew from Pons Aelius when requested to do so by William the Conquerer’s son, Robert Curthose.

He is a seasoned campaigner on the Wall and knows the strength of the araken clans and their allies only too well. He does not hesitate to lead from the front and trusts to God for healing and protection.

Decius Augustus Pius

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