Daughter of Gwydion


Derriol is a brown-haired elf maid with freckled skin and striking violet eyes. She is direct, passionate and courageous, keen to engage in debate and to challenge views she does not agree with. She wears superbly flexible mithril chainmail over comfortable brown leathers and has a slender longsword with an oaken grip and silver hawk’s head pommel belted at her waist.


One of the three daughters of Gwydion, Derriol dwells with him in the legendary hall of Lys Derwen in the heart of Annywn. She roams the lands almost as often as her father, and is passionate about protecting them from any threat.

Derriol is a swordmage who uses sorcery to enhance her speed and strength and evokes the power of the elements (fire and ice in particular) to blast her foes from range or augment the power of her blade.


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