Dolgrim Stoneborn

Mutated danagrim stoneseer


Dolgrim is an old, tattooed danagrim with cataracts in his eyes and wispy white hair. Some. For of mutation writhes beneath the chest area of his rough brown robe, and he wears old hob nailed boots. He speaks in a broad Scots danagrim accent and often scowls suspiciously at those he does not trust.


From a young age Dolgrim had a natural affinity with stone that enabled him to manipulate it through force of will alone. However, as his power grew so did his mutation. Cast out of his community while barely an adult, he survived most of his life as a cautious and suspicious loner. Finding refuge with the Twisted, his powers have been crucial to their survival in the catacombs of York, and he is an influential member of the community as a result.

Dolgrim Stoneborn

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