Earl of Carrick

Notorious rebel of Galloway


The Earl of Carrick is a sinewy, mean looking man with smoky grey eyes and a cruel, sadistic gaze. He has a shaven pate and wears black robes emblazoned with the insignia of a crown…very much symbolic of his rebellious nature and belief that he is the true heir to the Scottish throne and not William the Lion. His black beard is beginning to show signs of grey, whilst even the facial hair cannot completely disguise the unsightly pocks, which riddle the Earl’s face.

The Earl carries a two-handed, blackened claymore into battle although this was stripped from him recently at his castle by the Templar, Uther.


The Earl of Carrick has many names…Gilla Brigte or Gilbert of Galloway, brother of Uchtred, until his untimely murder at his own brother’s hands in 1174, the same year as the Treaty of Falaise. The Earl is as feared a man as any in the infamous Galloway region from which the Dead 3 emerged and (eventually) massacred their kin! Cruel and merciless, Gilla has been building his army for years, making clandestine alliances with the more militant and restless wing of the Scottish Church as well as Lord Farquar of Stranraer (killed by the inquisitor, Raphael). Carrick was captured at his own castle and alongside his wife, sent south to await the verdict of the Archbishop on his treacherous actions.

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Earl of Carrick

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