Dark elf storm sorcerer


Geimhreadh is a dark elf of average height and slender build. His complexion is pure white, tinged with blue, and his eyes are like chips of ice. Pale blonde hair is swept back behind his pointed ears, and he wears elegant travelling clothes of dark blue wool. He carries a wand that resembles a jagged icicle, and in the fullness of his magic his eyes blaze with a chill glow and he is covered in a rock-hard sheen of ice, sparking and crackling with a halo of lightning.


Geimhreadh is a softly-spoken dark elf whose voice rises to become thunderous when he invokes his most powerful storm sorcery. He has less physical endurance than the other members of Lahm Sealguire, but his magic enables him to fly overland and keep pace with them. Roarc has earned his respect and friendship, while he fears Lorcan and Kasimir, obeying the former without question.


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