Grungni Foehammer

Chieftain of Clan Foehammer


Grungni is a broad, powerfully built danagrim. He has a thick black beard which is plaited into seven braids, symbolising the seven brothers who founded the Foehammer clan over a thousand years ago.

His sharp blue eyes stare out from beneath his thick helm, missing very little. He wears master-crafted heavy plate mail armour, and always has to hand the double-handed, oak-hafted great-hammer which is the ancestral weapon of his clan. This is the legendary Foehammer, and its mithril head, inscribed with danagrim runes of impact and bolts of Thor’s lightning, has felled countless enemies of the clan over the years.

This chieftain speaks in a deep voice, with the lilting brogue of the lowland danagrim clans.


The Foehammer clan has inhabited the Cheviot Hills north of the Wall since its founding over a millennia ago, and is the most powerful danagrim clan in the Southern Uplands of Scotland. They have long battled their ancestral enemies the araken for control of the hill country. This was a conflict they slowly appeared to be winning over the decades, though in recent years the araken appear resurgent in numbers and power.

The current chieftain of the clan, Grungni has held the title for a decade since his father perished in battle at the hands of the kurgen sorceress Volodskya. He has sworn a blood-vow to avenge his father’s death, but despite years of campaigning, has never managed to bring his nemesis to battle. As a result, his hatred for the araken runs even deeper than is normal for his kin.

Grungni is in many ways a typical clan danagrim – stubborn, hardy and fatalistic, loyal to his clan and his friends, hard-drinking when the chance arises, and never taking a step back except of his own free will. He sees the Aesir (gods of the danagrim) as part of everyday life, and like his kin exhorts them frequently, though often with more irreverence that respect.

As chieftain his relationship with his clan is complex. While he has led them to victory in many battles, and the Foehammer strongholds in the Cheviots remain unbreached, the araken have become an increasing danger during his rulership. Some grumble that his unyielding pursuit of Volodskya is to blame, though all agree that they must remain united in the face of the araken threat.

Most recently, the Foehammer scouts became aware of large numbers of araken making their way through or around clan lands and massing in the valleys to the south of the Cheviots. Suspicious of this unusual behaviour, Grungni ordered his scouts to investigate. The results were chilling – dozens of araken warbands uniting under the leadership of a kurgen cabal dominated by Volodskya and, most disturbingly of all, supported by dark elf scouts and assassins from across the Irish Sea.

Reading the araken force’s intent to assault the Wall at Newcastle, and sensing an opportunity to finally engage with Volodskya, Grungni withdrew his people to their strongest holds and led his best warriors, by secret ways and ancient tunnels to the west and then south, striking for Newcastle with a warning for the English defenders and the offer of an alliance against a common foe.

Grungni Foehammer

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