Guillaume de la Croix

The Archbishop of York's bodyguard


Guillaume de la Croix is an imposing figure. He exudes a confidence in his own abilities and is brilliantly attentive to the Archbishop’s security at all times. He is a tall, strong man, standing straight, his right hand never straying far from the blackened broadsword at his side. His chain mail armour has obviously seen great service with several links replaced or battered so that the metal is misshapen. His Templar’s surcoat is black with a simple white cross , which crosses his chest in the fashion of a Knight’s Hospitaller. Guillaume’s face is weathered with a deep, red scar running from just beneath his right eye down into his beard.


The background of the de la Croix brothers is steeped in mystery. Guillaume first appeared in York alongside the Archbishop after his last visit to Rome during the infamous Thomas Becket scandal of the early 1170’s. He has remained as an imposing and powerful ally of the Archbishop. Guillaume cares little for ceremony and pomp and is a man hellbent on completing tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible, even when his actions at times can seem ruthless.

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Guillaume de la Croix

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