Gunnvôr Finnr

Enslaved Nordic Engineer


Gunnvôr is one of the many enslaved Nordic engineers labouring in the workshops beneath The Bishop’s Palace in Kirkwall. Known colloquially to the local populace as ‘gnomes’ the real lineage of this fascinating Danagrim ethnic group emerges from Lapland in the harsh northern environment of Scandanavia. In their own tongue, this brilliant, creative people is known collectively as the Samer. 4 key tribes are still known to exist: Fenni, Skrithifinoi, Finnr, and Scritofini

Gunnvôr, like many of his brethren wears bright, some would say garish colours. Personal inventions are almost always on display with the Samer and Gunnvôr is no exception. His goggles represent a bizarre fusion of science and aesthetics and appear to be made from sea shells and tree cones, though infused with an intriguing azure blue energy. Standing only a handful of inches above 4ft, Gunnvôr has a diminutive body structure…less brawn than their Danagrim cousins and more like a fusion of elves and Dangrim.

Gunnvôr carries a gnarled old tree branch, much like a sorcerer’s staff, although it contains no obvious sign of magic such as a gemstone or runic markings.

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Gunnvôr Finnr

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