Lord of Annwyn


Gwydion is an elven lord of superlative stature and grace. His ageless features are striking in their perfection, and his athletic form moves with easy confidence. His voice is smooth as honey in peace and cuts through the noise of the battlefield like a clarion call in times of war.

He spends much of his time roaming the forests and meadows of Annwyn, and typically wears comfortable hunting gear of the finest quality, sporting beautiful embroidery and accented with a golden brooch at the shoulder. He carries a great longbow of burnished ash bearing ancient gaelic runes along its length in silver inlay, which fires yard-long arrows fletched with swan feathers. In battle he wears a breastplate of mithril inlaid with gold and wields a shimmering longsword of the finest ancient craftsmanship.

He often rides a sure-hoofed white stallion with a mane so fine it appears to glow with a faint pale light, and hunts with his hounds, fine slender elven beasts with shimmering grey coats and boundless endurance.

Gwydion dwells in the great hall of Lys Derwen, within the living form of a great oak tree at the heart of Annywn. There, he is attended by his three beloved daughters: Derriol, Brea and Ffreath.



Gwydion is the legendary lord of Annwyn, an elven hero equally comfortable with the rigours of rulership, diplomacy, judgement, warfare, sorcery, and druidic power over the lands in his care. He loves art, music and song, politics, philosophy and history, and reveres the Tuatha de Dannan faithfully, though with the relaxed, almost casual air that can only come from being personally acquainted with many of them.

Having lived many human lifetimes, Gwydion generally seems both unhurried and untroubled by the press of events that others may find more urgent. He has a timeless view of life and a patience and wisdom seldom found in the world, yet at the same time a boundless energy that sees him constantly roaming his lands. His relaxed and measured approach to life means that he is slow to anger, but when his fury is aroused he becomes an unstoppable force of nature, implacable and merciless in dealing with his foes.


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