Gwyneth Flameheart

Elven swordmage and guardian of Queen Dienwe


Gwyneth is a slender caeltir of exceptional talents. Her green eyes are flecked with motes of red, and her blonde hair is cut short and practical. She wears a tunic of light yet incredibly resilient mithril chainmail over padded leather, with shoulder guards and bracers of bronzed steel. Her boots, of finely crafted doeskin leather, enable her to move with great speed when needed. She carries a slender caeltir longsword in her right hand and a twisted, blackened ash wand in her left. Over her back is slung a fine caeltir bow and a quiver of arrows.

A slight smile plays across her lips, as if there is a joke only she is aware of. Even in battle she seems amused, as if she knows what is coming next. She has a warm, pleasant voice and a friendly, inquisitive manner.


Something of a prodigy, Gwyneth is nimble, fast, and equally comfortable with sword, bow or sorcery. Not old by caeltir standards, her skills in battle belie her years, and her combination of speed and sorcery is usually sufficient to keep her out of harm’s way.

Flameheart is no accidental name. In addition to the fiery manifestation of her sorcerous talents, the title reflects her passionate nature. Young, quick-tempered, and sometimes impulsive in her judgements, she is nevertheless devoted to her queen and dedicated to ensuring her safety. Guardian of her bedchamber, Gwyneth is seldom far from Dienwe’s side, particularly when she is traveling outside the safety of caeltir lands.

Gwyneth Flameheart

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