Danagrim Priest


Håkan is an enormously barrel-chested Danagrim with powerful arms and oversized fists, which make him a most imposing figure. His face is almost entirely covered in tattoos, set against a tough, aged, leathery face. His blood red beard is plaited with tiny, multicoloured beads.

Håkan wears a brown, leather jacket, which has been embroidered with intricate spider like runes. Strapped to his back, Håkan carries a magnificent hammer, the head of which glimmers with the magnificent and immediately recognisable beauty of mithril. The grip looks as though it has been carved from bone and interlinked with a metal of midnight black, which twinkles with silver starlight.


Whilst on first impression Håkan scares most people to death he is actually an affable and kindhearted individual although when enraged, a demon to be avoided. Hailing from Caithness & Ross, Håkan is a typically displaced Danagrim traveller with a singleminded goal of creating protected land in Scotland for those Norse Danagrim living in the western isles and North-East. He believes that the best way of achieving this sovereignty is via a great champion of demigod status, hence his dedication to the White Dragon, Ice.

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