Emerald Sorcerer


Heraclief possess strikingly good looks; the juxtaposition of rugged charm, stylish, fashionable clothing and remarkable, piercing emerald eyes inevitably attract attention. Emerald Eyes stands a whisker taller than 6ft in height. His face is usually clean shaven save for a neatly trimmed goatee beard, which highlights his chiseled facial bone structure. Set on his forehead is an uncut emerald gemstone, with swirling, mesmerizing depths encased on a metallic, mithril headband of Roman, Danagrim make. His jet black hair is beginning to grey at the temples but with his evenly tanned skin, this adds to his appeal! He also wears matching golden earrings inscribed with very fine spidery, Arabic characters.

Adding to Heraclief’s charismatic image is the perfectly tailored clothing, which he wears. In the warm months in Europe and the Holy Land, Heraclief tends to wear emerald hued durwar solwar, a combination of loosely fitting cotton (baggy) trousers and stylish white shirts which whilst figure hugging around the waist are more loosely fitted across the chest to provide ventilation during the heat of the summer. The top buttons tend to be undone revealing a a small but radiant uncut emerald gemstone which hangs around his neck on a leather cord. Whilst working or traveling, Heraclief wears knee length, black leather boots with tightly fitting durwar pants tucked into the bots.



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