Elven abjurer and advisor to Queen Dienwe


Hethwyn is a silver-haired caeltir with a handsome, ageless appearance. He is middling in height and build, and his pale green eyes constantly survey everyone and everything around him.

He wears cloak, tunic, trousers and boots in various shades of green, and carries a twisted oaken staff which grasps, at its uppermost point, a translucent sphere that glows with a golden light. He speaks seldom, and even then in a soft, low voice.


Hethwyn’s name reflects his silver hair and his calm, careful and watchful nature. In the caeltir language his moniker means ‘shining peace’.

A master of protective magic, Hethwyn works closely with Dienwe to ward and protect the lands of the caeltir in Northumbria. A subtle man, he watches and learns before speaking or acting, and always looks to the long term. As such, he is a trusted advisor to his Queen and an important voice in her inner circle.


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