Hugh de Puiset

Bishop of Durham


Hugh de Puiset is a middle aged man, clean-shaven but for a long mustache, and with short grey hair. He wears finely embroidered burgundy ecclesiastical robes, a golden mitre, and carries a golden cross atop a slender staff of white ash. He has a penetrating gaze and speaks with calm authority.


A shrewd and cautious politician, Hugh has been Bishop of Durham for over 25 years and has consolidated his power well. Although he was suspected by King Henry of supporting the rebellion of his son, Henry the Young King, in 1173, and lost his northern castles as a result, he remains a great power in the Church, having attended both the 1163 Council of Tours and the Lateran Council of 1179. As Prince-Bishop of the County Palatinate of Durham, he is also the greatest temporal power in England north of York.

Hugh de Puiset

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