Last of the British White Dragons


The last remaining British white is a magnificent creature to behold. Wild yet majestic with intelligent, piercing eyes of sky blue. The massive head is protected by a mane of spikes and is perhaps a genetic throwback to the Jurassic period. The head itself is long and sleek with double rows of razor sharp teeth capable of crushing rocks given the awe inspiring and potentially fatal bite force wielded.

Ice is a gigantic 30ft in length with hardened, scarred scales, which appear from a distance to be overlapping sheets of steel. On closer inspection, the metaphor is apt given the extraordinary consistency of the hide, which works much like plate mail armour but is actually the fusion of tiny ice crystals hardened and compacted together over centuries of sleep in frozen settings. The claws are once again gargantuan in size, with pincer like curvature and nails as transparent as giant diamonds.



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