Dark elf scout


Jarleth is a tall, slender dark elf with a wiry strength. His long black hair is tied back, and he wears a grey-green cloak over russet brown leggings and padded leather armour. At his belt he carries a slender rapier with an elaborate golden hand-guard, and a matched pair of long daggers. He carries a striking composite bow almost as tall as himself, crafted from many layers of an unknown black wood. This weapon is so powerful it can drive a steel-tipped arrow through the bole of an oak tree.

Raised in the wilderness, Jarleth can move with merely awhisper through woodlands. He is fleet footed and nimble, with fast reflexes and keen eyes. A consummate tracker, there are few trails he cannot follow.


Jarleth is a quiet, brooding character who rarely speaks except to communicate facts to his companions. He is a restless soul, needing little sleep and always on the move. At rest, he is unable to sit still for long and finds reason to busy himself, often pacing back and forth or making a reconnaissance pass through the surrounding area.


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