Mysterious elven druid


Myrddin is a tall, bearded elf with piercing grey eyes. He wears a fine woolen tunic and trousers of olive wool, a green cloak, and travel-stained leather boots. His cloak is pinned with a golden amulet that can be opened to reveal an enchanted draconic eye within. He carries in hand a tall staff of twisted oak, atop which hovers a large blue crystal that spins and dances with a silver-white radiance.

Myrddin is an elven druid, one of the druidic order that is central to the spiritual life of the caeltir. He appears to possess wisdom beyond his years and has power over the elements and the natural world.

Myrddin wields the Solstice Staff and carries an Amulet of Foresight.


Myrddin’s background is shrouded in mystery. If any know his origins or history, none have spoken of it thus far.


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