Raphael (aka...Manzio)

Vesuvian scout and Inquisitor of York


1920x1080_ac_screen.jpgWhilst in the service of the Inquisition, Raphael travels wearing a rich black, voluminous cloak, which is well fitted to his athletic, sinewy physique. He also wears black leather gauntlets and magnificently fashioned knee high doe skin boots. An ancient, tarnished St. Christopher is visible on a tight fitting neck chain, exposed by the V-neck design of the robes.


The Archbishop of York recently promoted young Vesuvian scout, Manzio to the position of Inquisitor. The Vesuvian’s polite manner combined with his astonishing speed and dexterity make him both charismatic and deadly. He was recently baptised at Lake Vindolanda by the Archbishop, which also formed an exorcism from a possession. This process also involved a renaming…from Manzio to Raphael as part of a cleansing from his experiences in Scotia, earlier in the year. His presence at the Wall and in Cumberland is viewed with suspicion by some in the clergy, most notably the Bishop of Glasgow. Raphael has a close friendship with Uther, the Templar and fellow Inquisitor as well as the Danagrim Runecastor, Hakan.

Image Credit: http://www.moddb.com/games/assassins-creed-revelations/images/hanging-on-a-hook-blade

Raphael (aka...Manzio)

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