Lady Sophia de Percy - archer, healer and enchantress



Lady Sophia de Percy is a tall, slender young woman with long golden hair. When outside her father’s court, she tends to wear fine silvered chainmail and a green cloak. She carries an ornate caeltir longbow across her back, a quiver of arrows slung over one shoulder, and a fine rapier at her belt.

She is an excellent shot with a bow and channels miraculous blessings to heal her friends. She also wields subtle powers which beguile the minds of those she wishes to influence or defeat.

Sophia wields a Caeltir Bow of Piercing in battle and wears the Solstice Amulet at her throat. Her quiver holds several Arrows of Piercing.


Sophia is the daughter of Henry de Percy, Fourth Baron of Topcliffe and de facto ruler of Yorkshire alongside his mother Agnes de Percy. Born and raised in her father’s court in York, Sophia is charming, confident and resourceful.


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