Stormstrike Whirlwind, dragonborn storm sorcerer



Storm is a gaunt dragonborn with white scales tinged blue at the edges. He stands nearly seven feet tall and seems to radiate a faint chill. He wears hardy leather clothes and a long blue cloak. The latter barely conceals the draconic wings that sprout from his back, even when they are folded in. When extended, they reach an impressive span of twenty feet.

Storm wields sorcerous powers synonymous with his name, conjuring whirlwinds and hurling spheres of lightning and javelins of ice to smite his foes. He can breathe a blast of freezing cold, and his draconic scales provide a measure of protection against blows. Both of these were enhanced by the power of Storm’s Solstice Stone, which is embedded in his chest.

Storm also wields a Wand of Fire and carries a Goblin Blast Device and an Iron Cobra Crystal.


Storm’s earliest memories are of York Minster. He was raised by the priests of the Minster chapter, schooled in the scripture and baptised at a early age. His sorcerous powers began to manifest as he grew older, and the rigorous discipline of his early years at the hands of the priests only increased thereafter. He is viewed with distrust by some in the Church, given his draconic heritage and powers of Elder origin, yet nevertheless has risen to be one of the key agents of the Archbishop of York.


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