Tector, the Armoured Bull



Tector is a huge warrior, standing over seven feet tall and massively broad at the shoulders. He wears shimmering scale armour of blue-tinged silver-white plate-and-scale, with a huge helm in the shape of a dragon’s head. Over this he dons a heavy brown cloak fastened with a golden brooch in the shape of a bull with ruby eyes.He wields a massive greataxe and (occasionally) a heavy crossbow in battle.

He wears the Solstice Dragon Armour and his cloak is pinned with a Brooch of Mithras. He also carries an Enchanted Grappling Hook.


Tector was born in York and took service in the household guard of Baron Henry de Percy at an early age. He quickly impressed with his enthusiasm, loyalty, and great strength, and was tasked by the Baron with the role of personal bodyguard to his adventurous daughter, Sophia.


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