Tegan Tempestborn

Elven wind sorceress


Tegan is a petite young caeltir woman with flawless pale skin and sky blue eyes. She has long, straight, dark auburn hair which is constantly wind-blown in appearance. Her beautiful features are marred only by twin parallel scars on the right of her face, running from the middle of her cheek to the side of her neck.

This young sorceress wears a bright, almost garish outfit of reds, blues, greens and gold, tight-fitting against the wind that seems to swirl around her, save for the blue half-cloak that billows from her slender waist. A small golden orb hangs around her neck on a long leather cord, and a caeltir halfsword with an elaborate grip hangs from her belt.


From the moment Tegan was born, in the very heart of a hundred-year storm, the wind has been at her beck and call. As a toddler, a gentle breeze would sooth her and tousle her hair. As a child she would laugh with joy as a gust carried her up into the air, and as she grew the wind aided her in her chores, blowing dust and leaves from the house and drying clothes and dishes with ease.

Tegan, like the wind from which she takes her name, is wild and unpredictable. She goes where she chooses, says what she will, and damns the consequences. Despite this, she has a deep love for her people and their forest homelands, and thinks nothing of risking her life to defend them.

Tegan Tempestborn

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