Veteran crusader, Holy Templar and Inquisitor of York


Uther stands 6ft in height. His hair is cut razor short and is streaked with grey. He is in his early 40s and carries his battle scars with pride, most strikingly of which is a vicious red slash angling across his left eyebrow and down towards Uther’s left ear. He wears aged but well serviced black plate emblazoned with a fading blood red Templar cross. (More recently he wears a rich, voluminous black cloak.) At his side, Uther wears a battered old scabbard containing a lovingly maintained, richly oiled longsword. The pommel, grip and crosss-guard form a cross.


Uther is a devout and serious individual who does not suffer fools gladly. He is a Templar loyal to the Archbishop of York and has been a former representative of the York diocese in the Hold Lands. More recently he has been the close friend and ally of the young Vesuvian Inquisitor, Raphael. (Formerly known as Manzio) The two have spent the last 12 months working in the North of England at Hadrian’s Wall and also in Scotia. (Scotland)

Image Credit: http://www.kultofathena.com/arn.asp


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