The danagrim gods, like their worshippers, run the gamut from dour, hard-edged and fatalistic to passionate, driven and exuberant. Fourteen in number, they are known as the Aesir (ay-seer).


Like the caeltir, most danagrim pay homage to all the gods at the appropriate time (for example, Bragi to bless a performance, Heimdall for protection when undertaking a journey, Thor when crafting at the forge). The Aesir are listed below.

Name Honorific Areas of influence
Balder “the glorious” light, beauty, glory and grief
Bragi “the skald of the gods” poetry, eloquence
Forseti “law-maker” law, justice, arbiter of disputes
Freya “the lady” marriage, family, community
Hel “lady of death” “lady of sorrow” death, sorrow
Heimdall “the white god” “the warder” protection, alertness, guardians
Idun “the maiden” youth, vitality, long life
Jord “diamond-eye” “stone-daughter” earth, stone, metals and minerals
Loki “the trickster” “shape-changer” fire; cunning, lies, deceit
Nott “night” “the black bitch” darkness, loss
Odin “all-father” wisdom, war, magic
Thor “lord of hammer and forge” protector, warrior, champion
Tyr “the one-handed” righteous war, courage, honesty
Vali and Vidar “the twins of vengeance” revenge, ruthlessness, brutality



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