The araken are tough, crude, and often brutal. Their language is harsh, similar to Russian, and their culture is Slavic, inspired by that of Eastern Europe in the middle ages. The race is comprised of two subtypes — the araken, who have the stature of tall, muscular humans, and the much larger and more stocky kurgen, who stand over eight feet in height.

Araken society is highly militaristic, and might is right. This usually means that the kurgen rule and the araken form the backbone of the military, whilst most other tasks are performed by tribes of enslaved goblins. Having been pushed to the fringes of habitable land for centuries, the araken tend to live in rugged country -– the hills, moors and mountains of northern Europe.

The size of an araken community is usually determined directly by the power of its overlord; thus the larger araken settlements are ruled by the mighty kurgen who possess the gift of sorcery in addition to their great strength. Araken and their kurgen brethren tend to have coarse dark hair, rough skin which may be green, blue or the colour of red wine, and dark, deep-set eyes. They have broad, flat noses, broad foreheads with heavy eyebrow ridges and heavy jaws with prominent lower canines.


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