The caeltir, or elves as they are more commonly known, are an ancient people — the original inhabitants of the islands off the west coast of Europe and therefore the first Britons.

Attuned to the rhythms of the natural world, the caeltir are custodians of the druidic traditions and guardians of the wilderness. They are a bold, passionate, self-sufficient people, loyal to strong leaders, their communities, their druids and their gods the Tuatha.

Most caeltir are graceful, attractive, perceptive and intelligent. Some have a fey, otherworldly or aloof quality which sets them apart from their brethren. As tall as humans, they are usually slim and athletic.

Caeltir have the same range of complexions as humans, though some tend more toward tan or brown hues, while others have very pale skin, sometimes with a slight golden tint. Their eyes are commonly dark brown, green, hazel or golden, although hues of grey or blue, with shades ranging from ice to slate, and from pale sky to deep cobalt, are also seen. Caeltir hair tends toward dark brown, deep autumn red or very dark green, but others have blonde, gold or copper tresses and some have straight, fine hair of silver, white or pale golden hue.

The power of the caeltir was central to the struggle of the Britons against the Roman invasion over a thousand years ago. Ultimately the Roman Empire prevailed, through military might and sheer weight of numbers, and the elves were pushed to the wilderness. Caeltir culture underwent a renaissance when the Romans left six hundred years ago, which led to the restoration of British leadership on the islands through King Arthur, Merlin, and the Knights of the round table. But power of the Druids never again reached the same level, due to the power of Christianity and increasing urbanisation. The elves did not emerge from their forests, but lived in some harmony with the Anglo Saxon rulers of the lands.

Everything changed following the Norman invasion after the battle of Hastings in 1066. The Normans were more militaristic and less tolerant, particularly as the caeltir had allied with King Harold and the English. Massacres of elves ensured, leading to all out war lasting for a human generation. This was strongly linked with the scouring of the North, which was, and still, is full of elven strongholds.


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