Campaign Journal

Read about the exploits of our intrepid heroes

From the beginning of our story in York, our heroes have taken different paths. Sophia, Storm and Tector have completed various quests from their base in York, and their adventures can be followed in The York Campaign.

Manzio (known to the church, as Inquisitor Raphael) on the other hand, has travelled across much of Scotland and his adventures are set out in The Scotia Campaign, alongside the sorcerer, Heraclief.

Heraclief’s later adventures take place in France, alongside the troubadour, Dauphin of d’Alvernha as part of the Plantagenet Campaign.

More recently, the Druid Myrddin formed a new group, drawn exclusively from the Elder races, to undertake dangerous missions while he is engaged elsewhere in the war against the Witches. The adventures of this group are set out in the journals of its members, which can be found in The Ynys Môn Campaign

Finally, the adventures of the Fomorian Giant, Lu-Thi-Ous and his companion Eldiùr, the Gall-Gael are recorded in The Hibernian Campaign.

Campaign Journal

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