The companions made a rapid recovery under the expert care of Prioress Constance, and were returned to York Minster in a matter of days for another audience with Father Geoffrey.

Sitting in his private study, with a modest fire burning against the cold from the snows outside, the middle-aged priest explained that there had been another disappearance near All Hallows’ church, and further sightings of shadowy figures in the churchyard. Although Sophia’s father, Baron Henry de Percy, had set men at arms to patrol the area, Geoffrey knew they would be sore pressed to stand against the ghouls, and asked the group to return to the churchyard with the intention of destroying the undead.

They agreed, and that night made their way south of the river once more. They found the church to be solidly locked, and spent a cold few hours patrolling the churchyard and the surrounding streets. Sometime after midnight, Storm and Sophia were startled by the grating sound of metal on stone from somewhere in the churchyard. Having rushed around the side of the church, the companions saw the door to a grand tomb sliding open in the flickering blue light of Storm’s hovering lightning orb.


Several undead quickly emerged, skeletons with rusting swords and zombies with rotting flesh and nothing but their clawed hands as weapons.


They were followed by a gaunt man of average build and height, dressed in black robes. A black hood covered his long, greying hair, and he clutched a human skull in one hand while gesturing with the other.


Storm had learned much from his recent experience at the hands of the ghouls, and used his new power over the North Wind to lift himself and Sophia onto the flat roof at one end of the church. Tector looked around, somewhat taken aback to be left alone to face the undead, but shrugged his shoulders and charged confidently into their midst!

As the big warrior lay about himself with his axe, Storm and Sophia rained down lightning orbs and arrows on the ghouls. Behind them, the necromancer chanted an incantation, gesturing with his hands, and a skeletal hand burst from the ground beneath Tector’s feet, clawing at his ankle. Within moments several others burst forth, grabbing the big man’s feet and holding him fast.


While their companion hacked at the undead surrounding him, cutting down skeletons and zombies, Storm and Sophia launched arrows and lightning orbs at the necromancer. In response, he raised a hand and an arrow of necrotic black energy shot toward Storm. The dragonborn ducked at the last moment, and the deathly dart hit the wall of the church tower behind him, partially disintegrating one of the stone blocks.

Meanwhile, a couple of zombies tried to climb the wall to get at the sorcerer and the enchantress. They struggled to reach the top of the wall 12 feet up. One kept falling back down, and the one that managed to get one taloned hand over the parapet was promptly hammered back by a kick to the face from Sophia!

Before the necromancer could strike again, Storm conjured three Ice Javelins and launched them at his foe in the churchyard below. All three slammed home, one taking the necromancer in the shoulder, one in the leg and the third piercing his chest. Mortally wounded, he fell to the ground.

Tector was still surrounded by undead and continued to hack his way through them, cutting them down with the aid of his friends, who were raining arrows and lightning orbs from atop the church roof.

Having dispatched the last of the undead, Storm and Sophia climbed down from the roof. The companions searched the necormancer’s body, finding a sinister letter in his pocket.


The Bloodmask is ready. Prepare your deathly servants for attack. He will strike through the catacombs and into the Minster crypt, you and your servants in support. The sacristy is his target, and you must ensure he reaches it.

May Morgana guide your hand.

The Prince of Darkness

Leaving the necromancer, the companions moved over to the tomb the undead had emerged from. The door seemed firmly shut, but Tector was able to wrench it open. The group could see a flight of steps leading down into darkness. Storm sent his lightning orb flickering down, and was shocked to see four skeletal archers at the bottom of the stairs. Each loosed an arrow, and two struck home, wounding Storm and further injuring Tector.

For once deciding that discretion was the better part of valour, the group backed off given they were all wounded, Tector particularly so. Barring the tomb door as best they could, they returned to the Minster to report what they had seen and show Father Geoffrey the letter they had recovered.


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