Dragonborn are humanoids with draconic features, including scales, teeth and claws. Some are large and powerfully built, inheriting great strength from their draconic heritage. Others are more slight, but carry the sorcery of dragons in their blood.

Their scales vary in colour, being found in various shades of black, blue, green, red and white, bronze, silver and gold. Some have tails of varying lengths, while others have vestigial wings. Occasionally, a dragonborn’s wings may grow in strength and size during its life, and some few have even been known to develop wings of sufficient power to fly. Many dragonborn have an affinity for the elements, and their breath can be deadly.

Unlike the other Elder races, the dragonborn are not born of the natural world. Rather, they are created from the eggs of dragons by powerful rituals. The secrets of these spells are rare indeed, and dragonborn are typically found as the servants or guardians of powerful spellcasters, or in later life as powers in their own right.

In human lands dragonborn are often seen as ungodly monsters, and shunned or discriminated against by society. The magics of their creation, and their creators themselves, are generally anathema to the doctrines of the Church. Very occasionally, a young dragonborn will be ‘rescued’ from its creator by the Church, and thus those few dragonborn in human society are almost exclusively found associated with the Church. They are raised to be strong in the faith, but are nevertheless often supervised closely, as many believe that constant vigilance is required to safeguard against the resurgence of their ungodly natures.


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