The kurgen are the massive cousins of the araken. Known in English as ogres, the kurgen stand around eight to ten feet tall and are typically very broad and physically powerful.

The kurgen race is essentially split into two ‘castes’. Most kurgen, the typical ogres of legend, are strong, brutal and in many cases rather stupid. They rely on their size and strength rather than intelligence and tactics. However, a small proportion of the race is born with inherent magical talent. This usually manifests as sorcerous power, but kurgen druids, necromancers and enchanters are not unheard of.

For some reason, the few kurgen who inherit such power tend to be highly talented in wielding it. The average kurgen spellcaster is therefore highly formidable, and they tend to be the rulers of kurgen and araken communities.

Although technically all part of the same kurgen race, the two castes are referred to differently in the colloquial English language of humanity. The members of the more common caste are known as ogres, while only the rare members of the magically talented caste are commonly referred to as kurgen.

Culturally the kurgen are very similar to their smaller cousins the araken, speaking a guttural Slavic language similar to Russian. Like the araken, kurgen tend to have coarse dark hair, rough skin which may be green, blue or the colour of red wine, and dark, deep-set eyes. They have broad, flat noses, broad foreheads with heavy eyebrow ridges, and heavy jaws with prominent lower canines.


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