Minotaurs stand over seven feet in height and are heavily muscled. Their physique and temperament make them ideal warriors, and for many minotaurs prowess in battle and feats of strength are the means by which one’s worth is proved.

Some minotaurs embrace the savage side of their personalities, charging into battle in a berserk rage. Others are noble warriors, using their great strength to protect those weaker than themselves. As an Elder race, minotaurs are more connected to the ebb and flow of magic than most humans, and although not common, minotaur sorcerers and druids are not unknown.

Culturally minotaurs share many traits with the elves. They are bold, passionate, self-sufficient people, loyal to strong leaders and to their friends and battle-brothers. Less religious than other races, perhaps as a result of their grounding in the physical world, minotaurs of faith tend to revere the Tuatha or the Aesir, although minotaurs who have found God and are faithful to the Church are not unheard of.


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