Satyrs are a rare woodland race, renowned for their strange appearance. They have the legs and lower body of a goat, the upper body of an elven man or maid, and curved goat’s horns adorn their heads. The fur on their legs comes in all shades of brown, while their hooves and horns may be black, grey or ivory. Satyr hair tends to dark brown, deep autumn red or copper, and their eyes are typically dark brown, green or hazel.

Delighting in music, song and dancing, satyrs are exuberant, charming and inquisitive. Most can play several instruments and are enthusiastic performers. They enjoy games of all kinds, and most have a keen sense of humour, loving practical jokes and clever word-play above all.

Agile and athletic, satyrs can move quickly on their cloven feet, and in combat favour shortbows, and melee weapons that complement their speed and mobility. Many satyrs have a talent for magic, though it manifests in different ways. In some it appears as an enhancement of their natural charm, and they master the arts of enchantment. Others have a close affinity for nature, manifesting druidic powers in tune with the plants and animals of their woodland homes.

Satyrs live in small nomadic groups, no more than two dozen in number, which range throughout their forest territory hunting and gathering what they need. Careful and stealthy when intruders are near, it is rare even for an elf to see more than one or two satyrs present in one place.


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