The York Campaign

The campaign journals start at the bottom, with the most recent entry at the top.

[[The Necklace of Brigid, Part One – Ben Nevis]]

Death Incarnate

The Ebony Dragon

Deception Unmasked

Summoning Snare

An Cathach, Part Six – Resurrection

An Cathach, Part Five – Lahm Cailleach

An Cathach, Part Four – Túr Dorséan

An Cathach, Part Three – Onward and Upward

An Cathach, Part Two – The Forests of Ulaid

An Cathach, Part One – Yns Mon


Staff of Winter Convergence, Part Three – The Ring of Brodgar

Staff of Winter Convergence, Part Two – Guardians

Staff of Winter Convergence, Part One – Oathsworn

Staff of Winter, Part Eight – Farewell to Lys Derwen

Staff of Winter, Part Seven – The Black Queen

Staff of Winter, Part Six – Cothu

Staff of Winter, Part Five – A Many-headed Beast

Staff of Winter, Part Four – Tyr Tywilwich

Staff of Winter, Part Three – The Mists of Annywn – Storm

Staff of Winter, Part Three – The Mists of Annywn – Tector

Staff of Winter, Part Three – The Mists of Annywn – Sophia

Staff of Winter, Part Two – Annwyn

Staff of Winter, Part One – York

Keys of Binding, Part Seven – Scorpio

Keys of Binding, Interlude – Dreamscape

Keys of Binding, Part Six – Twist of Fate

Keys of Binding, Part Five – Invictus Infernus

Keys of Binding, Part Four – Basilisk

Keys of Binding, Part Three – Bloodaxe

Keys of Binding, Part Two – Hand of Death

Keys of Binding, Part One – Aqueduct Ambush

Iona, Part Three – Fellowship Reformed

Iona, Part Two – Saints and Sinners

Iona, Part One – Reunion

Oathkeeper, Part Three – Unfinished Business

Oathkeeper, Part Two – Baelrauch

Oathkeeper, Part One – Uaine Dachaig

The Battle of Durham, Part Three – Wings of Death

The Battle of Durham, Part Two – Shadow Hunters

The Battle of Durham, Part One – The Shadows Fall


Redemption of the Cross

The Flight to York

With Friends Like These

Chain of Dogs

Retreat from Vindolanda

Vindolanda, Part Four – Death Incarnate

Vindolanda, Part Three – Draconus Mortis

Vindolanda, Part Two – Scarack Filidh

Vindolanda, Part One – Prologue

Newcastle, Part Two – Battle

Newcastle, Part One – Counsel

Hunter Hunted


The Inquisition Takes Flight

The Inquisition Heads North, Part Four – Solstice!

The Inquisition Heads North, Part Three – Carrick Confronted

The Inquisition Heads North, Part Two – Hand of Shadow

The Inquisition Heads North, Part One – Archbishop’s Errand

Catacombs, Part Eleven – Revelations

Catacombs, Part Ten – Heart of Darkness

Catacombs, Part Nine – Once More Unto the Breach

Catacombs, Part Eight – The Twisted

Catacombs, Part Seven – Unexpected Quarter

Catacombs, Part Six – The Bone Door

Catacombs, Part Five – Friend and Foe

Catacombs, Part Four – Choke and Burn

Catacombs, Part Three – Test of Iron

Catacombs, Part Two – Riddles in the Dark

Catacombs, Part One – First Foray

Ben Nevis, Part Two – Unbound

Ben Nevis, Part One – Into the Mountain

The Stones of Ard Tursa



Restless Dead

A Sorcerer’s Ransom, Part Three – Homeward Bound

A Sorcerer’s Ransom, Part Two – Knights Errant

A Sorcerer’s Ransom, Part One – Depths of Danger

Parting of the Ways

Tooth and Nail, Part Two – Testing Times

Tooth and Nail, Part One – Fellowship Formed

The York Campaign

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