The York Campaign

The campaign journals start at the bottom, with the most recent entry at the top.

Death Incarnate

The Ebony Dragon

Deception Unmasked

Summoning Snare

An Cathach, Part Six – Resurrection

An Cathach, Part Five – Lahm Cailleach

An Cathach, Part Four – Túr Dorséan

An Cathach, Part Three – Onward and Upward

An Cathach, Part Two – The Forests of Ulaid

An Cathach, Part One – Yns Mon


Staff of Winter Convergence, Part Three – The Ring of Brodgar

Staff of Winter Convergence, Part Two – Guardians

Staff of Winter Convergence, Part One – Oathsworn

Staff of Winter, Part Eight – Farewell to Lys Derwen

Staff of Winter, Part Seven – The Black Queen

Staff of Winter, Part Six – Cothu

Staff of Winter, Part Five – A Many-headed Beast

Staff of Winter, Part Four – Tyr Tywilwich

Staff of Winter, Part Three – The Mists of Annywn – Storm

Staff of Winter, Part Three – The Mists of Annywn – Tector

Staff of Winter, Part Three – The Mists of Annywn – Sophia

Staff of Winter, Part Two – Annwyn

Staff of Winter, Part One – York

Keys of Binding, Part Seven – Scorpio

Keys of Binding, Interlude – Dreamscape

Keys of Binding, Part Six – Twist of Fate

Keys of Binding, Part Five – Invictus Infernus

Keys of Binding, Part Four – Basilisk

Keys of Binding, Part Three – Bloodaxe

Keys of Binding, Part Two – Hand of Death

Keys of Binding, Part One – Aqueduct Ambush

Iona, Part Three – Fellowship Reformed

Iona, Part Two – Saints and Sinners

Iona, Part One – Reunion

Oathkeeper, Part Three – Unfinished Business

Oathkeeper, Part Two – Baelrauch

Oathkeeper, Part One – Uaine Dachaig

The Battle of Durham, Part Three – Wings of Death

The Battle of Durham, Part Two – Shadow Hunters

The Battle of Durham, Part One – The Shadows Fall


Redemption of the Cross

The Flight to York

With Friends Like These

Chain of Dogs

Retreat from Vindolanda

Vindolanda, Part Four – Death Incarnate

Vindolanda, Part Three – Draconus Mortis

Vindolanda, Part Two – Scarack Filidh

Vindolanda, Part One – Prologue

Newcastle, Part Two – Battle

Newcastle, Part One – Counsel

Hunter Hunted


The Inquisition Takes Flight

The Inquisition Heads North, Part Four – Solstice!

The Inquisition Heads North, Part Three – Carrick Confronted

The Inquisition Heads North, Part Two – Hand of Shadow

The Inquisition Heads North, Part One – Archbishop’s Errand

Catacombs, Part Eleven – Revelations

Catacombs, Part Ten – Heart of Darkness

Catacombs, Part Nine – Once More Unto the Breach

Catacombs, Part Eight – The Twisted

Catacombs, Part Seven – Unexpected Quarter

Catacombs, Part Six – The Bone Door

Catacombs, Part Five – Friend and Foe

Catacombs, Part Four – Choke and Burn

Catacombs, Part Three – Test of Iron

Catacombs, Part Two – Riddles in the Dark

Catacombs, Part One – First Foray

Ben Nevis, Part Two – Unbound

Ben Nevis, Part One – Into the Mountain

The Stones of Ard Tursa



Restless Dead

A Sorcerer’s Ransom, Part Three – Homeward Bound

A Sorcerer’s Ransom, Part Two – Knights Errant

A Sorcerer’s Ransom, Part One – Depths of Danger

Parting of the Ways

Tooth and Nail, Part Two – Testing Times

Tooth and Nail, Part One – Fellowship Formed

The York Campaign

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