‘Fair is foul, and foul is fair:
Hover through the fog and filthy air.’ (Macbeth)

The Renegade Three


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It is said in legend that triplets are the children of the Gods and therefore a boon and curse in equal measure. The origins of Morgan le Fey, Morrigan le Noir and Morgause le Trompeur are hidden within the shadows of the Dark Ages and even the Elves do not speak of it. In any event, the three emerged as Elven Druids of great power and fought the Normans. In desperation in the aftermath of Hastings, they made pacts with dark powers following Harold’s defeat. They were nevertheless defeated when faced not only by the Norman Church but also the white dragon Ice, greatest and last of the British dragons. The three fled to Galloway in Scotland (their original homeland) and Ireland and for many years attempted to build a power base. There, they plotted revenge and managed to lure the white dragon into a trap, tethering him using an ancient artefact known as the Solstice Stones. In the summer of 1180 six companions led by the Elven Druid Myrddin entered the inter-planar prison created by the Witches for the dragon and successfully set Ice, free. Livid and not a little in fear of what the possible repercussions will be for the three, each has withdrawn even further into their protective strongholds with powerful agents flooding the north in search of the culprits and information.

As the witches have grown (unnaturally) older, way beyond even Elven longevity their mental health has declined leading to conflict, discord and hostility between one another and their followers with repercussions felt across Scotland, Ireland, England, France and even Norway. Many believe that their unnatural lifespan has driven the three mad. Whatever the truth of the matter, infighting has curtailed their dominance, although they are still great powers.


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Morgan has strong influence throughout the warlike border region of Galloway and her eye looks ever south to Hadrian’s Wall and beyond with plans for revenge. Her necromantic powers have the ability to unleash the dead upon her enemies and even in their divided renegade bases, the other two still look to Morgan as the leader and strongest of the three. Morgan has particular influence upon the Araken and Kurgen warriors of the Cairngorms, establishing a cult of necromantic practice, which has brought terror throughout Scotland and on occasion south of the wall too.

Her sister Morgause fled further north to Ross and Caithness, eventually establishing her stronghold on the island of Orkney. Using her enchantments to hold sway over two crucial political regions, Morgause continues to move between Norway and Orkney using powerful mirrors, which provide inter dimensional pathways leading through dark, forbidden, demonic realms. Such pathways do not come cheaply as the pact allowing her to construct this subterfuge was hard won by her sister Morrigan who in return has decked her own stronghold in powerful enchantments and protections. Morgause, as the most narcissistic of the three maintains remarkable youth and beauty through the use of heinous and clandestine arts.


Finally, the most chaotic and unpredictable of the three…Morrigan moved her powerbase into the western side of Ulaid (Modern day Northern Ireland), attracting (amongst others) the warlike dark elves as followers or mercenaries when necessary. Several of the key ‘hands’ operating in both England and Ireland serve or have some allegiance to Morrigan with the occasional inclusion of shadowy creatures not of this world. Most scholars believe that Morrigan is the least stable of the ‘dead 3’ and certainly the most dessicated in looks.


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