Brother Thomas

Itinerant warrior-priest


Brother Thomas stands over six feet tall and wears heavy armour of blackened steel trimmed with gold. Over this he dons deep scarlet vestments, and a leather-bound bible is strapped at his side. His armour is marked with symbols of his faith, including a crimson cross, and he carries a massive greathammer which he wields to devastating effect in battle.

Thomas has sky-blue eyes and his fair hair is shorn very close to his head. He speaks perfect English but a slight Germanic accent is evident sometimes in his speech. His voice is typically quiet and humble, but it reaches a powerful crescendo when Brother Thomas calls upon the searing light of God to smite his foes.


Brother Thomas is a devout and faithful priest, humble yet stern. He was also blessed by God with great strength and a natural co-ordination, and this took him from simple parish priest to crusader and thence to itinerant warrior-priest in the service of the Church. He knows no fear in battle, believing that God will either protect him, or welcome him to Heaven should he die.

Currently in the service of the Archbishop of York, Thomas is the epitome of charity, giving away all worldly goods beyond his arms and armour and his bible. He often has a prayer on his lips, and though his demeanor is stern he is a compassionate man.

Brother Thomas accompanied Sophia, Storm and Tector on their mission to ransom Damien of Orleans to the King of France, and saved their lives when they were attacked by goblin pirates on their return journey across the sea. His suggestion led to group’s decision to donate the treasures of the goblin pirates to the widows of the sailors who died on the voyage to France.

Brother Thomas

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