Damien of Orleans

Sorcerer in the service of the French King


Damien is a lean man in his early 30s, standing just under six feet in height, with close-cropped brown hair and blue eyes. He typically wears fine robes in hues of blue, crimson or green, but can sometimes be found in simple travelling clothes or even peasant’s garb if his mission demands it.

Some of his magic works through imbued tattoos, and when one of these is activated it glows with a greenish light.

A charming man when the situation requires, Damien is well-versed in court etiquette, knowledgeable of Church and military doctrine, and understands the merchants and lower classes from whence he came.


Damien is a driven and determined man. As a powerful sorcerer with a flair for the use of acid and stone, and a linguist with a talent for infiltration, his talents are very valuable to his master, King Phillip II of France. Damien knows that it is only while he is under the protection of his monarch that he will be free from the interference (and worse) of the Church. This inspires great loyalty in the sorcerer and a willingness to risk his life where others would not.

Damien led the French unit that ambushed Brother Richard of Selby and stole the tooth of Thomas Becket. His mission was thwarted by agents of the Archbishop of York, as recounted in the tale Tooth and Nail. He was sufficiently valuable that the King of France was willing to pay a hefty ransom for his return. The exploits of this journey are recounted in [A Sorcerer’s Ransom].

Damien of Orleans

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