Halvar Foehammer

Stoneseer of Clan Foehammer


Not as stocky as some of his kin, Halvar is sturdy nonetheless and sports a bushy black beard. He wears rugged plate mail studded in places with tourmaline gems. When these glow, it is a sure sign that the Stoneseer is drawing upon the enchantment of his armour to protect himself from harm. He also wears a green zircon amulet on a leather cord around his neck, which sometimes glows when he calls upon his powers.

He wears a white cloak trimmed with green Norse patterns, and carries a warhammer and crossbow on his back. He tends to keep his own counsel, speaking only when he has something of import to say. For this reason he tends to be listened to by his kin.


Halvar means ‘defender of the rock’ in Norse danagrim, a testament to the Stoneseer’s affinity for his element, which manifested at an early age.

A cousin of Grungni, Halvar is part of his chieftain’s inner circle of advisers, along with the clan’s elders and Brigte, the most senior of the Aesir praise-singers. He is a huge asset in battle , his power over rock and stone enabling him to make devastating attacks and bolster defences in equal measure.

Halvar Foehammer

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