Stout Danagrim smith


Vulcan is a barrel chested Dangrim with massively muscular shoulders and forearms, taller and even broader than is typocal for one of his race. His shaved head bears a number of dark, runic tattoos, his left ear half missing and his dark brown beard usually tightly braided with leather twine. His other ear is pierced with a figurine size golden hammer and his dark, broody eyes peer out from beneath bushy, beetling brows.

IN addition to being pitted with blackened forge burns, Vulcan’s massive arms and chest bear numerous tattoos, with a wolf, and the world tree of Yggdrasil prominent. A depiction of the world serpent (a massive dragon with wings spread, breathing ice, covers his broad back)

Vulcan typically wears worn brown leathers, usually covered in forge burns and is seldom found without a hammer in hand.

In battle he dons far more robust, padded leathers and steel shod hobnailed boots, over which he wears elaborate mithril armour or archaic design, which is often mistook for bronze but which is actually incredibly light. He wields a massive, magnificently crafted oak-hafted greathammer, bearing a single complex rune on the flat face of the steel head.

A golden hammer of Thor, carved with runic symbols, hangs from a heavy golden chain around his neck, usually displayed proudly over his outer tunic whilst working the forge. A well wrought crossbow is strapped to his back and a tough leather pouch of 20 bolts is strapped to his left hip, with a similar pouch on his right hip containing what appears to be a large flat stone.




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