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  • Mara

    Mara is a gentle, kind woman despite the troubles the world has heaped upon her. Her diplomatic and compassionate qualities complement her quiet determination and established her as an influential member of the informal ruling council of the Twisted …

  • Tinuviel

    Bitter and withdrawn as a result of her enslavement and subsequent inability to find solace with her own people, Tinuviel is a powerful combatant and a very stealthy scout. Her skills have been central to the survival of the Twisted community in the York …

  • Dolgrim Stoneborn

    From a young age Dolgrim had a natural affinity with stone that enabled him to manipulate it through force of will alone. However, as his power grew so did his mutation. Cast out of his community while barely an adult, he survived most of his life as a …

  • Cathal mac Bruinen

    Mac's brutish appearance belies his shy but inquisitive nature. He likes to feel useful and to help and protect his smaller friends. He will often answer questions with 'Dunno' accompanied by a shrug of the shoulders.

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