Catacombs, Part Six - The Bone Door

The next session was all about getting through the bone door, technically a pair of double doors, ten feet high and the same in width, blocking the entire corridor. Fashioned of melded and interwoven bones, it was a formidable obstacle.

Tector first tried hacking through it with his axe, but each blow merely nicked one or two bones and these regenerated before their eyes. Storm used his draconic breath but only succeeded in coating the doors with a sheen of ice. Sophia thought that her healing powers might damage it, but was unwilling to use them as she was only able to draw upon them twice each day.

Taking stock, the group decided that they needed a plan. Storm extended his draconic senses and felt that the door would open if negative energy were channelled into it. Unfortunately they had no such power, nor did they have any idea where to locate a source. Eventually they decided to combine their abilities.

First Sophia weakened the door by channelling her healing powers into it. In the centre of the door, the first layer of bones blackened and crumbled away. Storm then took the single-use blast device he have taken from the peg-legged goblin pirate on their journey back from France, and aimed it at the weak point, smashing more bones apart with its explosive power. Before the bones could begin to regenerate or reweave themselves, Tector called upon the power of his Bull Brooch to enhance his strength and charged the door, hammering his shoulder into it and smashing through! A wave of heat washed over the group as the session came to an end . . .

Catacombs, Part Six - The Bone Door

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