Ajax worked long into the night composing letters to his friends. Using the light of several candles in his room, he started by writing to the other three members of the Fellowship of Fate:

Dear Storm, Sophia & Tector

Thank you for your letter. I suspect that the quest for the Cathach is crucial in eventually uniting the forces against the Black Queen. It seems as though we are all involved in challenging tasks. Tector, hopefully your prayers and faith will sustain all five of us in the tasks ahead.

First of all, some good news. You will be pleased to know that Heraclief and I successfully returned Henry the Young King and the priest John Comyn back to Canterbury Cathedral. However, the Archbishop of Canterbury does not seem satisfied with my efforts and has requested that only the Pope has the power to grant me the atonement. Subsequently, I will leave tomorrow for Rome.

It seems that life is about to become a lot more complicated. I will always be a loyal member of the Fellowship of Fate but in completing my quest to free the Young King and priest, I had considerable help from a group known as the Nemesis Legion and owe them a great deal for the support received. My father was also a member of the Legion as is Heraclief.

Our leader goes by the name of Caledus, a master of shadows and illusions, hailing from Venice. It was Caledus who used a powerful artifact called the Iridescent Cube to help transport John Comyn and the Young King unseen from Morrigan’s fortress. After a successful mission conducted during the dead of night, we were able to rendezvous with Ranulf de Glanvill and an incredible knight, the legendary William Marshall.

Sadly, one of our number, a good man by the name of Corinius did not make it out alive. We were ambushed whilst making good our escape by three members of the Scarack Filidh, two of whom had taken to the skies, flown by Morrigan’s metallic constructs: knighted crows!

As if this wasn’t bad enough, the group was led by two monsters! Some kind of sea dracolich (de Glanvill described it as an Oilliphéist) as well as Lord Darius, the demonic son of the Black Queen! Had it not been for the protective and healing powers of de Glanvill and Marshall, we would all have been killed, as the sea monster created a gigantic tidal wave, which will live long in my nightmares.

The complexity I spoke of earlier is due to several reasons. I now have responsibilities in Italy, which I cannot ignore, as I am the replacement for Corinius in my hometown of Naples. First, I will be travelling to Rome with the Nemesis Legion, where I will seek my atonement from the Pope. Second, I have ambitions of my own, to gather allies in Naples before one day I take revenge on the Fire cult, which killed my father. (Sophia, you will no doubt remember the nightmare we shared in which, you witnessed this event). I want to find out why my father was attacked in the first place and then hope to carry on his work in Naples. It is my belief that my mother survived the attack on our family home and Caledus has promised to help find her.

Merlin still has the power of the ‘Summoning Solstice Stone,’ and de Glanvill has already foreseen that the Fellowship will be united together again soon. I am and always will be a member of the Fellowship of Fate.

I wish you good fortune in your quest for the Cathach.

Manzio Alfredo

With Heraclief still performing the complex rituals required for his contingency spells, Ajax decided to continue by writing to his apprentice, Ulric.

Dear Ulric

I apologise for having not written sooner but please know that you have been on my mind ever since your departure so many months ago. I pray that your quest to reach Lincoln was a success and furthermore, that your efforts to gather the templar knights and priests required to retake Carlisle was not in vain.

I will be returning to my homeland very soon and by the time you receive this letter, I may even have arrived. First, I must travel to Rome and then to Naples.

I have not forgotten my promise to support your apprenticeship further so if you are willing and able, travel to Naples with all haste and ask for Manzio Alfredo.

May god be forever with you,
Inquisitor Raphael


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